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Grand Hyatt

Company profile

Let the design infuse the light of thought, let the works have meaningful quality

Guangxi Rongtai Architectural Design Co., Ltd., established in 2006, is a design enterprise with strong technical strength and good social reputation.
At present, the company holds all kinds of qualifications: Class A qualification for construction engineering design in construction industry (Certificate No.: a145002334);
Grade B of landscape engineering design (Certificate No.: a245002331);
Engineering survey specialty (Geotechnical Engineering (investigation))Grade B (Certificate No. b245002331);
Civil air defense engineering grade B (Certificate No.: 220201605230001);
Grade B qualification of urban and rural planning compilation (Certificate No.: Gui city planning No. 172201);
Engineering consulting grade B qualification (Certificate No.: 9145020788443324d-19zyy19);
Municipal Industry (water supply engineering, drainage engineering) professional design grade C (Certificate No.: a245002331).

Grand Hyatt

The project base is located near the intersection of East Ring Road and paotuan road in Liuzhou city. The project is divided into two plots a and B with 12 ne...

Nanning wandamao

People oriented is the guiding ideology of the project planning and design. The project fully considers the characteristics and requirements of residents life hi...

China railway constructio

The base is adjacent to Yongjiang River in the north, and the site elevation falls from south to north. The design maximizes the use of river scenery resources, ...

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Objective values

Advanced technology, careful design, reliable quality and efficient service

The company advocates the code of conduct and values of "operation in compliance with the law, fair competition, politeness, learning and innovation, dedication to work and striving for excellence".
Our goal is to build into a long-term and stable platform with various qualifications and high-end talents, to provide reliable business guarantee for customers externally, and to provide all-round development support for employees at all levels.
As a scientific and technological enterprise, we will serve you wholeheartedly.